Dementia: Diagnosis and Management in General Practice

Authors: Dr. Tony Foley and Prof. Greg Swanwick
Irish College of General Practitioners (2014)

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Blackfriars Consensus on promoting brain health: Reducing risks for dementia in the population

The Blackfriars Consensus (2014) was developed by the UK Health Forum and Public Health England, it outlines the potential for incorporation of dementia risk reduction into current approaches for n View details

A charter of rights for People with Dementia

In April 2016, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and the Irish Dementia Working Group published a charter highlighting the rights of people with dementia.  View details

A/T/N: An unbiased descriptive classification scheme for Alzheimer disease biomarkers

Clifford R. Jack, Jr, David A. Bennett, Kaj Blennow, et al.
Neurology® 2016;87:1–9 View details