DRNI links leading researchers across several disciplines in the areas of dementia and ND, it is novel in its multi-disciplinary focus and strategic in its objective to enhance research co-operation and co-ordination across the island of Ireland.  By facilitating collaborative consensus and policy based projects and supporting knowledge exchange and public patient events DRNI seeks to improve our understanding of the causes and mechanisms of dementia and neurodegeneration, the effectiveness of different models of care and the policy changes required to improve the quality of life for persons with dementia and neurodegenerative conditions and their caregivers.

The inter-disciplinary nature of the network is highly innovative and reflects the emerging international evidence of the role of multi-modal influences on dementia and neurodegeneration. It reflects the network members’ belief that the integration of knowledge and practice from diverse research traditions has the potential to radically improve our understanding of dementia and ND, in relation to prevention, care and quality of life.

To further network objectives DRNI works collaboratively with the Structured Population and Health Services Research Education (SPHeRE) network which strives to increase cross-disciplinary interaction and collaboration in the area of population health and health services research. Combined the networks serve to act as a conduit to link researchers in the field of dementia and ND with statutory and non-statutory bodies, including, funding agencies, government, patient advocacy, charities, health service organisations, industries, and philanthropic organisations.


  • To engender a partnership approach to enhance multidisciplinary research collaboration and exchange of information and views between academics, policy actors and experts in Ireland and overseas in  the area of dementia and ND research.
  • To utilise outreach activities and tailored information and communication strategies to build on existing research to positively influence dementia and ND research and policy making.
  • To address the research and policy challenges faced by the dementia and neurodegenerative research community and provide support for new and emerging PhD graduates and early career researchers with an interest in dementia and ND.