Engaging Dementia: 3-Step Activities Plan Workshop (II) - Limerick.

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Friday, 16 October, 2020
Milford Family Care Centre, Co. Limerick.

The aim of this workshop is to assist activity coordinators with understanding their role and goals as a Person Centred Activities co-ordinator.

This includes:

1) A step by step guide: How to create a meaningful Activities Programme.

2) How to create an equal working environment where you and residents create the culture together.

3) How to be a part of and include others in a creative team.

4) How to plan create and implement a meaningful integrated activity programme which supports agency, equality and empowerment.

Cost: €125.00

To book, please click the following link: https://engagingdementia.ie/product/3-step-activities-plan-workshop-limerick-2/