Dementia Research Prioritisation Survey

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A Dementia Research Prioritisation process has been developed by a Steering Group convened by Dementia and Neurodegeneration Network Ireland (DNNI) and the Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI). People with professional experience and knowledge of dementia/ dementia research were invited to participate in a survey, which is now closed. The findings will assist us to advocate for increased investment in dementia research in Ireland. 

 A parallel exercise is taking place with persons living with dementia and family carers, in the form of facilitated workshops. The findings from these workshops will be combined with the findings from the professional survey, in a report.

The purpose of the survey is to:

(i) provide a democratic process for stakeholders to express their opinions on the areas of dementia research that they feel should be prioritised;

(ii) provide information to research funders and policy makers regarding what research should be prioritised; and

(iii)  ensure that limited resources are spent on research that has the most impact for those who will benefit from and use the results of research.


We have received support for this exercise from various institutes/ organisations, see details below:

 Health Research Board: "The HRB appreciates the value of focusing scarce research resources within specific disease areas, such as dementia and neurodegenerative research, to ensure that the outputs of the research are relevant to and address the needs of patients and the public. This DNNI/ Alzheimer Society of Ireland survey of professionals with knowledge and expertise in dementia/dementia research in Ireland will provide important insights into which aspects would benefit most directly from research evidence". 

 National Dementia Office: “The National Dementia Office welcomes this prioritisation process as a mechanism to further our understanding of dementia and to identify gaps in knowledge. This process  has the potential to support and further our implementation of the current National Dementia Strategy which aims to improve dementia care so that people with dementia can live well for as long as possible, can ultimately die with comfort and dignity, and can have services and supports delivered in the best way possible”.  

 Global Brain Health Institute: "The Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) is happy to support this exercise, which invites feedback from stakeholders on the areas of dementia research that should be prioritised in Ireland. Given the growing health and social care challenges that dementia poses, research spanning the different domains of care, cause, cure and prevention is essential. Outputs from this exercise will help develop a roadmap for the prioritisation of the allocation of valuable research resources, taking into account burden reduction, potential for translation, potential for success and equity".