Research Initiatives in Clinical Science

Irish National Audit of Demetia Care in Acute Hospitals (INAD)

In 2013, the Irish National Audit of Dementia audited 35 acute hospitals in the Republic of Ireland, interviewing the senior hospital managers and geriatricians; directly observing the environment/ interviewing the clinical nurse manager of 77 wards, and reviewing 660 healthcare records of people with dementia who had been admitted to the hospitals.

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Sampling and biomarker OPtimization and Harmonization In ALS and other motor neuron disease (SOPHIA)

SOPHIA is a consortium of 17 ALS centres in Europe. The consortium aim to develop a common strategy for the prioritization and harmonization of biomarkers for ALS and neurodegenerative diseases. In particular, it aims to validate neurochemical biomarkers for monitoring disease activity, for generating earlier diagnoses and for defining prognosis.

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Irish Network for Biomarkers in Neurodegeneration (IN-BIND)

As part of the BIOMARKPD initiative the Irish Network for Biomarkers in Neurodegeneration (IN-BIND) was established. It is a research infrastructure aimed at creating a functional network for clinical and laboratory based scientists working in this area. Similar to BIOMARKPD, the aims of IN-BIND are the standardisation of biomarker measurement across Ireland and Europe to include i) sample collection, ii) measurement, iii) and interpretation. In addition, a national and central European biobank are being created with samples from characterised AD, PD, MCI patients and neurologically healthy controls.

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BIOMARKAPD is a multi-national research project comprising 51 sites in 21 countries, including Ireland. This JPND (Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Diseases) funded collaborative research project aims to develop optimally informative biomarkers for AD and PD and the harmonisation of their use. The Irish strand of BIOMARKPD aims to; standardise biomarker measurement and interpretation nationally; develop and make available a CSF test for ND biomarkers in AD and PD; Establish and sustain a registry of ND; and bring clarity to biomarker interpretation to support diagnosis.

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Intellectual Disability Supplement to TILDA (IDS-TILDA)

IDS-TILDA is a longitudinal study researching ageing in Ireland among people with an intellectual disability aged 40 and over (n=approximately 750 people). Individuals with an intellectual disability, particularly those with Down Syndrome are at an increased risk of developing an Alzheimer’s related dementia. The IDS-TILDA collects information on Intellectual Disability and Dementia.

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